About Us

Welcome to Rushel boutique!


The main goal of this website is to show people how beautiful and unique hand-made clothing is. Most of the pieces in this store are unique, that means they were made in a single instance. We just want to help you, my dear guest to become recognizable among others. Would you agree that a lot of the people wear the same and look the same?

Our Story

My name is Misha. My parents manage a studio, which specialized in the developing of knitwear in various techniques and styles. My Mom also shares her skills, patterns, and secrets on Youtube Channel.

Very often I hear delights and compliments from my friends, coworkers, just strangers, towards sweaters that my Mom made for me. At some point, I realized, that this clothing attracts people around me. I asked my Mom how much more clothing she had and was very surprised, she made almost 15 000 clothing models over 20 years. Right away I asked her why wouldn’t she start selling those online, Mom told me they had had an idea to start an online store but it was left on the paper. With modern tools and my parent's help, I turned that idea into reality. That’s how it all started.